Offshore & Outsourcing Opportunities

Offshore & Outsourcing Opportunities

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Outsourcing is considered and also undertaken by many organisations, both within developed and developing countries. The aim of this dissertation is to examine web companies in Kosova for offshore outsource web development services from London (UK). The findings will help in forming an understanding of the market, expertise, experience and capacities of web development companies in Kosova. The research method used to collect primary data was an online questionnaire and §for secondary data collection, case studies, market research, online reports, IT articles and publications were used. The questionnaire contained 23 questions: 10 open questions, 2 closed questions, 5 multiple types of questions with many answers, 3 multiple questions with one answer and 3 with multiple rating answers. The online questionnaire was distributed 7th – 31st, July 2008. The results found five web development companies in Kosova: Rrota, Init, Tolimm, Trokit and Frakton. The research showed that...

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