Ontology-based Elearning Management System

Ontology-based Elearning Management System

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An Ontology-based E-learning Management system using Topic Maps (TMs) can tackle problems that learning object (LO) systems are facing: less orientation, poor narrative flow, poor conceptual flow, and poor partial reusability. In this system, a LO together with its characteristics is mapped to a topic; LO''s learning resources are categorized and described based on concepts of Learning Objects Metadata (LOM) elements and attached by occurrence concept; and relationships between LOs are described by association concept. The integration of LOM, DC, and TMs standard offers a LO knowledge map. Users can search, navigate, explore LOs information, and understand the crossing path by kinds of relationships. This orients users plan their job in narrative flow and conceptual flow. XDD expressions are used to retrieve LOs from diverse XML-based sources, and export them into TMs standard. Combination of XTM, LOM, DC, and XDD has the potential to make LOs'' organization and ...

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