Proxy Blind Multi-Signature Scheme

Proxy Blind Multi-Signature Scheme

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This articles describes an efficient proxy blindmulti-signature scheme using Elliptic CurveCryptography. Also describes its implementationissues i.e efficiency and size of the hardware. InECC, computationally the most expensive operation isscalar multiplication and also very important fromsecurity point of view. The implementation attacksgenerally target the computation of this operation tobreak the cryptosystem. The security of the proposedschemes is based on the difficulty of breaking theone-way hash function and the elliptic curve discretelogarithm problem (ECDLP). Best algorithm knownsolving ECDLP takes fully-exponential time. Incontrast sub-exponential time algorithms known forIFP and DLP. The attractiveness of ECC will increaserelative to other public-key cryptosystems, ascomputing power improvements force a general increasein the key size. The benefits of this higher-strengthper-bit include higher speeds, lower powerconsumption, bandwidth savings and storageefficiencies. The...

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